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Tenant Status Chip for Online Rent Collection
Tenant Status Chip for Online Rent Collection

How to find out whether your tenant has completed their set up to pay their rent on time.

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Once the landlord completes their set up for online rent collection by verifying their identity and connecting their bank account the tenant will be sent an email with a unique link to set up their payments.

We have introduced a status chip so that landlords can see whether or not their tenants have completed the setup and are ready to pay their rent.

The status chip can be found underneath the tenant's name on the relevant property and will read one of the following: Not Invited, Invited, Manual, Auto-pay

Not Invited

If the tenant has not been invited the status chip will show up as red and read not invited.

Make sure the correct email address has been entered in the tenant profile. Then click on the status chip and resend the tenant invite email.


When the tenant has been invited but has not completed their set up the status chip will show ups blue and read Invited.

You can resend the invite to your tenants to set up Online Rent Collection if the tenant hasn’t received it, or the link has expired. Simply click on the status chip and select Resend Invite.

Please make sure you’ve entered the correct email address and that your tenant checks their spam folder for the email.


When the tenant has completed the setup on their side and is prepared to pay the status will be green and read either “Manual” or “Auto-pay”.

Manual means the tenant has opted to turn off the auto-pay feature. They will need to log in every month to confirm their rent payment through the system.


Auto-pay means the tenant has the Auto-pay feature enabled. The rent will be deducted from their account automatically at the same time each month.

Tenants can turn this off at any time as well as view their upcoming and historical payments in the tenant portal

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