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How To Send Your Tenant An Email Link to Pay Their Rent Online?
How To Send Your Tenant An Email Link to Pay Their Rent Online?

What to do if your tenant hasn’t received the invite link? And how can you check whether they’re ready to pay their rent?

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Once you complete the setup for online rent collection by enabling it on the current or an upcoming lease, verifying your identity, and connecting your bank account, the system will automatically send an email with a unique link.

The tenant needs to click the unique link in the email to set up their account on our tenant portal and pay their rent online.

Once the email has been sent, a blue tenant status chip will appear below their name on the property page and should read "Invited". This means the email has been sent to that tenant.

If your tenant says they haven’t received the invite link despite the status chip reading “Invited”, please double-check that you entered their email address into the system correctly, and then ask them to double-check their spam folder for the email.

The link in the email expires after 14 days.

Note: Please have your tenant check their spam folder

If they still can’t find the email with the invite link, or the link has expired you can resend the tenant invitation email.

To Resend the Invitation Email to Set up Online Rent Collection

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant property.

Step 2: Check the status chip.

Note: If there is no status chip that means you still need to complete the set up of online rent collection on this lease.

Step 3: If the tenant status chip reads 'Invited' then click on it.

Step 4: Select yes on the pop-up to confirm you want to resend the link.

The link has been sent again. Let your tenant know.

If the tenant status chip reads “Not Invited” then the invite email has not yet been sent. You can follow the same steps above to send the link.

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