We’ve updated our properties page to give users more information faster and improve the overall experience of using Landlord Studio.

This update is currently only available for US users.

What’s changed?

These changes have been based on user feedback with the aim of making your property management more efficient, especially with the launch of our Online Rent Collection feature.

Tenant Details on Hover

You can now hover over a tenants name to get a full list of the current tenants linked to a property. Additionally, if you have enabled online rent collection on the property, you can see here whether or not they have completed their setup for online rent collection.

The tenant’s status will either be Not Invited, Invited, Manual, or Auto-pay.

Read more about the tenant statuses here.

Outstanding Payment Details on Hover

The rent amount now updates if payments have been scheduled through the online rent collection feature, or if a partial payment has been made.

When you hover the mouse over the outstanding amount you will get a break down of the total amount due, any scheduled payments, and details of partial payments.

New Payment Statuses

Alongside the new dynamic payment amounts, we’ve also introduced new payment statuses.


The rent is overdue and the tenant has not made any effort to pay the rent using online rent collection.

Due Soon

Rent is due within the next 7 days.

Due Later

Payments are up to date and no further rent due within the next seven days.

Multiple Statuses

This occurs when there is more than one valid status. For example, a tenant has scheduled a payment for part of the rent amount. This would then be both overdue and scheduled.


The tenant has scheduled the payment through the online rent collection but the payment has not yet been made eg. the money has not yet started the transfer.


Payment has been initiated by the tenant and is processing through the ACH system.

New Online Rent Collection Column

Quickly identify which properties have and don’t have online rent collection enabled.

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