Configure ACH Convenience Fees
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If you selected for the tenant to pay ACH processing fees when you enabled online rent collection they will also be assigned to pay the ACH convenience fee when making payments via the Landlord Studio system.

Note: Tenants are charged a flat rate of $2.50 per transaction. The fees will be displayed via the tenant portal.

How to configure ACH convenience fees?

Step 1: Enable Online Rent Collection

In order to configure who should be paying for ACH convenience fees using Landlord Studio, you need to first have Online Rent Collection enabled for this property. You can do this when you create the lease or by editing an existing lease.

Step 2: Select "Landlord" or "Tenant"

To pass on the ACH convenience fee to your tenants, select "Tenant" under "Who should pay for online payment processing fees?".

Note: Tenants are charged a flat rate of $2.50 per transaction. The fees will be displayed via the tenant portal. If you're editing a lease with Autopay enabled, Landlord Studio will disconnect the automatic payment set up by the tenant(s). An email will be sent to the tenants confirming the change. The tenant must log in to the tenant portal again to re-enable autopay.

Step 3: Complete setup by selecting “Save”

Make sure to select the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page to complete the setup.

How does the tenant make payments online?

Step 1: Tenant logs into the tenant portal

When you enabled Online Rent Collection rent payments your tenants will have needed to create an account on our tenant portal.

The first thing the tenant needs to do is to log into the tenant portal using their current account login details. This can be done here:

The email invoice they receive will have a link directing them to the tenant portal.

Step 2: Review payment

In the tenant portal, they will be able to review all their upcoming and historical rent payments.

Step 3: Select “Pay”

Tenants will need to locate the payment they wish to make. Selecting “Pay” will open up a review of the payment and ask them to confirm the payment. The convenience fee will be added to the payment amount.

Step 4: Select the date to initiate payment.

By default, the date for the payment will be set for today. However, tenants can select the date for the payment to be withdrawn from their bank account. If you need the tenant to pay before a specific date make sure to let them know.

Step 5: Hit “Pay”

Once they’ve reviewed they simply need to hit pay. The total amount due (including the convenience fee) will be withdrawn from their account for the payment.

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