Creating and editing your own frequently used Email and SMS templates will save you a huge amount of time down the line, allowing you to automatically generate invoices, reminders, and receipts for your tenants.

To get the full benefits of this feature you may want to create/edit your templates to suit you.

Step 1: Click on the "More" button (on iOS) on the bottom menu bar.

(For Desktop open the left-hand menu bar and select settings) 

Step 2: Select ‘General’ on the settings page.

Step 4. Under the ‘Other’ section you will see the options ‘Email Templates’ and ‘SMS Templates’. Select the one you wish to edit.

Step 5. You can either add a new template or edit one of the existing templates we have already created for you.

Important Note: You can enter bracketed values to automate names, amounts, dates, and more. The bracketed keywords can be found in the scroll down for your reference.

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