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Frequently asked questions from landlords about rental listings

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Do I need to be a customer to create a custom rental listing?

To create a custom rental listing with Landlord Studio you will need to have an account and be verified through our identification process. You can create your listing on Landlord Studio GO or PRO. This feature is available worldwide.

How many listings am I allowed to have?

You can create the same number of listings as are in your current subscription package. For properties already added to your Landlord Studio account, we will prepopulate the relevant fields in the rental listing for you. If you haven't added the property to your account yet you will need to manually enter the details during the set-up flow.

How do I manage my property listings?

You can remove and edit your property listing at any time. Log in to the desktop portal and click on "Listings" in the sidebar menu. Then click on the saved property listings that you want to make revisions to.

If the listing is currently live you will need to select "Remove Listing", then you can select "Edit Listing" to adjust the listing details.

What happens when I remove my listing?

When you remove your listing it will be changed into a draft. This will not delete any of the details of the listing. Additionally, people with the URL will still be able to see the listing. However, they will not be able to see details like rent amount, nor will tenants be able to inquire.

Are my contact details visible to the public?

Your contact details will NOT be shown to tenants on the live listing website for your privacy and protection.

How can a prospective tenant apply for my property?

You will receive an e-mail notification with the prospective renter's details and their inquiry message. You can reply to the e-mail directly or perform a tenant screening check (USA only) by linking them to the property in Landlord Studio.

How do I run a background check for my prospective tenants?

You can easily run a tenant screening report through the Landlord Studio app or the desktop portal.

Click on the Screening tab in the menu. Add your prospective tenant and link them to the relevant property. Once your tenant has filled out all the details and the fee has been paid, the report will be generated and you will be able to access it in the software.

Find out how to run tenant screening reports with Landlord Studio.

Can I push the custom listing I've created to other listing sites such Zillow?

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