You can now create and manage a free rental listing with Landlord Studio through our desktop portal. Your listing allows tenants to view your listing and easily inquire to learn more or apply.

You can view an example listing here.

To get started log in, write a great description and headline, and upload your photos. This listing can be easily shared across channels to maximize exposure.

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How To Create A Rental Listing With Landlord Studio

Step 1: Log in to our desktop portal and click on "Rental Listings" in the sidebar menu.

Step 2: Click on "Add a new property" to create a rental listing or click on one of your saved property listings to edit or make revisions.

Step 3: Enter the property's details. You can include the unit's size in either square feet or square meters, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

If you've already entered these details in the system when adding your property the system will pre-populate these fields. Click "Continue" once you're happy.

Step 4: Next, select the available amenities that apply to your rental property.

These amenities will show up on the public listing site allowing you to highlight key features of your property to help your listing stand out from the competition.

Step 5: Write a headline/title and description for our property listing.

By default, we will pre-populate the listing name to show the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, property type, and location. You can edit this or leave it as is.

Find out more about writing a great headline and property description.

Step 6: Let us know how tenants can reach you.

Provide your contact details including email and phone number. We will use these contact details to let you know of any prospective tenant inquiries and applications.

Note: Your contact details will NOT be shown to tenants on the live listing website for your privacy and protection.

Step 7: Upload images that showcase your property in either .jpeg or .png format.

Upload the photos in the order you want them to be shown on the listing site. The first photo you upload will be your listing's cover photo by default. You can upload up to a maximum of 12 photos. We recommend a minimum of 3 photos.

To upload photos, you can simply drag and drop, or click the upload button and select photos from your device.

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Step 8: Select the prescreening questions you’d like to ask tenants that apply.

There are 11 questions you can select from. When a tenant hits “Start Application” on your rental listing they will be asked to fill out this questionnaire allowing you to quickly identify any tenants that do not meet your minimum criteria.

Note: You can deselect all if you want no questions to be shown to the tenant.

Step 9: Almost there! Click on "Preview listing" to preview the live site before publishing it live. You can then make any required changes to your listing.

Once you're happy, hit "Publish" and your listing will instantly be published live.

Step 10: All done! You can now share your listing online! Hit "Copy link" to copy your listing URL to your clipboard. You can share this link online, on social media, or to your email database for prospective renters to view.

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