You can now create a rental listing with Landlord Studio. Easily create a custom listing page that highlights the best features of your rental property. Upload up to 12 images alongside a custom description and headline, prescreen applicants, and collect inquiries and applications from high-quality prospective tenants.

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Listings With Landlord Studio

Why Create A Rental Listing With Landlord Studio?

Professional website

Quickly and easily create a professional website that shows off your rental property in the best light.


  • Create a captivating heading

  • Write an alluring description

  • Share the best images of your property

  • Collect tenant inquiries.

Centralize your tenant applications

Traditionally, you’ll have hundreds of inquiries coming from dozens of different sites. With your Landlord Studio listing, you can centralize your tenant inquiry and application process to make it easier to stay on top of tenant applicants.

Easily share across listing sites

Once your listing is created on landlord Studio it’s incredibly easy to copy across the details to listing sites. Plus you can share your rental listing link anywhere you like such as via email, on social media, or other listing marketplaces.

It’s Fast and Free

Landlord Studio users can create their own rental listing website page whenever they want completely for free. There’s nothing to lose - and then when you need to find a new tenant simply publish the page and share the link.

Tenant Screening

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to the final applicants you can easily push them into our in-app tenant screening feature to ensure you choose the most qualified tenant.

Manage your listing on the go

Having the ability to edit your listing and manage your tenant applicants on the go will help you optimize your workflow and find tenants faster.

Easily prescreen tenants

With a built-in prescreening process you can automatically prequalify tenant applicants to make sure you don’t waste your time or theirs.

Features coming soon

Our brand new rental listings feature is only in its first iteration. We have big plans to develop this feature based on user feedback to help make it faster and easier for our landlords to find the very best tenants as quickly as possible. Below we outline the key features that are already in the development pipeline.

Syndicate listings for maximum exposure

We are building syndications so that with a few clicks you can push to top rental listing sites and gain maximum exposure for your rental listing.

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